Christine Badalamenti
Christine Badalamenti

A little about me

It gives us a different way to present ourselves each day. You can change who you want to be based on what you put on. Fashion is FUN and I want my clients to enjoy the process. I'm always texting out looks or tearing sheets from magazines to send out when something hits me that would be perfect... subtle changes can make big differences and I encourage women to explore.
Elegant and refined. I love clean modern lines and think dressing should be simple. When you're reaching for the same pieces over and over again it's because they work and you feel great in them.
Thinking about what they're wearing! But seriously, service is a big part of my life. My sisters and I were brought up to volunteer and have a wonderful example in our philanthropic parents. On any given day you can find me at one of my four children's schools, at the Glen Ridge Women's Club, or out and about in my community. As a team, we also support the causes of our clients as well as those that are close to our hearts, JDRF and Autism Speaks.