Rewriting the rules of fashion since 1991.


In 1991, we pioneered a new way to shop: we made it personal. By taking retail out of the store and into the home, we created a way for women to gain financial independence and personal empowerment through building their own business. Worth is what you wear and the relationships that you make.

Together, we will revolutionize what retail means to women. What will always remain? Our investment in you. Because we’ve always known your worth™.



520 8th Ave, NYC: this is where our Worth is made. Each garment imagined for the life you lead. Each detail carefully considered to last. Fabrics chosen to look good, but feel even better. Because we don’t believe in fast fashion. We believe in forever fashion. Invest in your closet - because the right outfit makes you feel like you can do anything. The little black dress that has big dreams; the power suit that empowers you; a midi skirt with maximum potential. At Worth we want you to dress for infinite possibilities.


Joining the WORTH team of Stylists creates a business opportunity like no other. When a natural love of fashion is combined with business skills, creative strategy, and a large network of positive support, a new beginning awaits
—and it’s yours for the taking. Learn more.

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