September 11, 2015

All Heart in Westport, CT

Cindi McCann, Worth New York Stylist and mother of two, started her Worth New York business 12 years ago after years of involvement with the Westport Young Women’s League. “I was the woman to contact if you needed a babysitter or a stylish new pair of shoes and I was always supporting my children at school through the PTA,” she explains. “So when I started my business, I already had that credibility in my town. It worked out beautifully”

On being a Worth Stylist
From her elegant Westport home, Cindi is committed to making her clients feel beautiful and empowered. “You know how you’ll see someone in your office who looks really cute but you might not say it? When someone looks really cute, we always say it. We wear our hearts on our sleeves,” she says with her signature smile. And by “we”, Cindi is talking about her stellar Worth team. Cindi’s passion, dedication and talent have made her and her team one of Worth topsellers.

And it’s no wonder Cindi’s clients feel so comfortable opening up – every detail of her showroom is thoughtfully luxurious, making the environment warm and inviting. “Everything is just so,” Cindi says, looking around her living room – from crystal glasses and lemon water, to fresh flowers and scented candles. “When the trunk show is over, sometimes we don’t even move the furniture back,” she says with a wink.

On being an entrepreneur
“Master coach, stylist and mother” she says confidently, “within the course of the day, I’ll wear all three hats.” Now an emptynester, Cindi reflects that when her kids were still home, she was able to run her own business and be a fulltime mom. “With the flexibility that Worth offers, I had time to meet clients and be out in the community.” With Worth, Cindi believes you really can have it all. “Worth is the type of company that knows sometimes family has to come first.”

On leading family by example
“My family has taken so much pride and ownership of my success,” Cindi says, proudly. For the McCann family, Worth is more than a business – it’s a family thing. After her first trunk show, they found her prancing around the house singing ‘I Feel Pretty’. Years later, after winning an award, “My husband and kids left me a message rapping ‘I Feel Pretty’ to congratulate me.” Cindi’s multitasking and ability to push past her comfort zones have set an example for her two children. “One of my daughter’s first jobs was to be a gopher at a retail store and she went beyond her duties having learned from me.” While in elementary school, her son declared he wanted to be an entrepreneur, just like his mom. Setting an example for her children has been one of her proudest achievements.

On Worth clothes
“I love the design team. They design for real women’s bodies and always come up with these little design tricks that achieve something flattering,” Cindi raves. She uses the suit she’s wearing as an example, pointing out how the streamlined silhouette and placement of seams elongates her figure. “And it’s so comfortable! I can easily transition from luncheon to lounging,” she demonstrates by tucking her legs under. The bottom line? “I love Worth’s attention to detail. Everything is strategically thought out,” Cindi says.

On community
“Living in Westport, you know we all have a story to tell. We’re all very connected – especially the women,” Cindi recounts fondly about her town. As mothers, daughter, sister and wives, Cindi believes all women sometimes need a shoulder to lean on. “The most important gift I can bring, in addition to my knowledge about the product, is my enthusiasm and just listening to my clients.” Cindi continues, “I give you permission to look in the mirror and say say ‘wow, I look beautiful.’ You know women don’t always do that for themselves.” Cindi may be petite in stature, but her personality can outshine just about anyone – and her mission is to empower women through style and confidence.