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Back to Black

As the days become shorter, and the temperatures have fallen we're focusing on ways to warm ourselves up. Our Black Leather Biker Cape is the perfect antidote to those end of summer brights and florals. (Check out Wendy's Lookbook for how she wears it.) The perfect Fall fragrance to pair is Back to Black from the house of Kilian. We love everything about it, from the slightly sweet honey on dried tobacco leaf, to the ripe fruit (we get raspberry) in the drydown.

Master perfumer Calice Becker created this masterpiece with creative direction from Kilian Hennessy (yes... THAT Hennessy family!). Calice is one of the most prominent "noses" working today and one of the few women in the industry. Rumor has it that Back to Black was named for the Amy Winehouse song of the same name.

A special thank you to Stylist, Stacy Holmén, for collaborating on this post.