Windows Into Worth

What We Can't Put Down... The Lifeboat

"Today I shocked the lawyers,
and it surprised me,
the effect I could have on them."
Writing as a career was never a thought for author Charlotte Rogan, that is until she wanted to stay at home to raise her triplets. Then it came pouring out - Rogan penned four other novels before publishing Lifeboat. With her first novel, Rogan set out to ask questions about morality and ethics. And this theme weaves into her second novel as well.

The setting of The Lifeboat fluctuates between a courtroom and a life raft out at sea as Grace Winter fights for her life in both situations. Grace and her late husband Henry are aboard an elegant ocean line crossing the Atlantic when the ship suddenly goes down. Henry sacrifices herself for Grace, but will she be able to save herself.

The novel makes your question the characters choices and ask yourself if you would do the same.