July 11, 2016

In Women We Believe

It all started when three people with business acumen and style savvy came together with a single vision of empowering entrepreneurial women with luxurious clothes. Caroline Davis, Richard Kaplan and Jay Rosenberg began Worth with tenacity, friendship, hundreds of sketches and a bus that traveled across the country for fashion previews. Fiercely independent, Caroline has always believed in direct selling as a way to empower women by giving them the opportunities to connect and thrive. Richard is fondly remembered for his nurturing nature, his rallying speeches and the ease with which he made everyone feel special. An artist by trade, Jay tirelessly ensures every piece of every collection is made beautifully to this day, alongside VP of Design Diane Manley. Together, they craft the designs that define the women of Worth. Nearly three decades later, Worth has grown to a network of 1,200 empowered women. From the start, it’s always been about a unique approach to fashion that empowers women to live on their terms. Worth – rewriting the rules of fashion since 1991.