September 11, 2015

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National Preview
Where fashion and relationships come together
Chicago, IL

“Worth is a company built on relationships…No other company in this country comes close to what we have in this room.” – Caroline Davis, Founder Worth New York

Relationships are most certainly the secret to Worth New York’s success. And there is no better evidence of the powerful bonds that Worth fosters, than the annual National Preview Meeting. An incredible annual event that brings together hundreds of Worth New York Stylists from all over the country in an emotional celebration of women and friendship, and of course, fashion. This year’s festivities took place against the backdrop of Chicago’s fabulous and iconic Drake Hotel. The love, excitement and bonding overflowed at every event. “The Preview experience is so special because it reminds us all why we love our company and our jobs so much,” says Worth Stylist Jenni Gray. With a gorgeous new marketing campaign, a completely redesigned website and a soon-to-debut luxe Fifth Avenue showroom, there was much to celebrate! You couldn’t help but feel the electricity in the air.

Ultimately National Preview is truly all about the Stylists – the woman of Worth who are the heartbeat of the company. The passion, camaraderie and mutual respect all the Stylists of Worth have for each other is rare and almost impossible to find in this industry. Caroline Davis said it best to a roomful of Stylists nodding in agreement, “Worth is about the women who are there for each other in good times and not such good times. If you’re new to Worth, you may not realize how strong those bonds are, but if you’ve been here awhile, you know.”
But don’t be fooled, behind the toasts and laughter at the Cocktail Party and the hugs, support and tears that abounded during the Awards Presentations, are seriously business savvy women! As Wendy Selig-Prieb, President of New Business Ventures said during the General Presentation, “There is no better business opportunity for an entrepreneurial spirited woman than Worth.” CEO Dave DeFeo’s Keynote Address confirmed that what Worth is doing is spot on – fostering one-on-one relationships is the holy grail that luxury brands are seeking. Worth is certainly one step ahead of the curve on that front!

Aside from seeing how other Stylists are putting their own unique spin on Worth clothes, the main fashion attraction of National Preview was most definitely Vice President of Design Diane Manley’s presentation of the fabulous Fall 2015 Collection. In the darkened Grand Ballroom, a hush fell over all as Diane, in her signature all black look, took the stage to present each look from the collection, calling out special features to the ooh’s and ahhh’s of the captivated Stylists. The atmosphere was positively electric with excitement for an incredible season. And why not? As Stylist Christine Badalamenti says, “When I put on my Worth clothes, I feel like I can do anything.” After the last look was presented, thunderous applause and a standing ovation followed for the woman who has designed almost every collection since Worth’s inception – the incomparable Diane Manley.

Along with the new face of the Worth website, came some new faces in Worth management. New President, Kelly Collins, laid out a plan to move Worth into the future, by walking the journey together. New Vice President of Marketing, Britany Larsen, presented Stylist-focused marketing materials, to all the Stylists’ delight. New Showroom Director Terri Borden enthusiastically presented details surrounding the luxe new 5 th Avenue showroom to tremendous anticipation.
From shopping the latest trends to picking up tips in Sales Training seminars and enjoying the fireworks on the Millennium Boat Tour, this year’s National Preview was truly a celebration of all the amazing, talented and dedicated women of Worth New York. Founders Jay Rosenberg, Caroline Davis and the late Richard Kaplan certainly started something very special 25 years ago – a company that believes in and supports women like no other. In this fashion house, they make the rules.