In Women We Believe

Meet Caroline Davis

It all started when Caroline Davis wanted a new vacuum cleaner. She wanted the new, pricier model so to purchase what she wanted she answered a direct sales ad for a job. The rest is history. 25 years ago Caroline founded Worth, with two others, and has fearlessly lead the way for hundreds of women ever since. She is an amazing mother, business woman and all around person. We asked Caroline to tell us about how she got her start and what Worth means to her.

What is your advice your younger self?

To not fear the unknown, to be self-confident, and to try new and different things for which you may or may not have been prepared. It’s so important for we as women to believe in ourselves so that we can be anything that we believe we can be.

Who believed in you?

Well, I had a wonderful support system in two remarkable grandmothers, both of whom were amazingly college graduates in the 1800s and a mother who thought I could do almost anything with that particular support system and an amazing girls camp and than a woman’s college and then national organizations of women. [Because of this] I never thought that I couldn’t do what I wanted to do.

What advice would you give young women today?

The most important thing that a woman can have is a strong group of women peers or I would say a strong group of women friends, and it’s that – it’s really that connection that has pretty much fueled everything I’ve done, because there’ve been women there for me…

Tell us about the Women of Worth…

There is specialness about the bonds between the women of Worth, and, when you’re with them in a group or even individually, today as we were talking as one after another came in for hair and makeup for a very exciting session, immediately the hugs are there. The individuals are there. The interest in what are you doing, what is your daughter doing, what are you up to, what is your next step, it’s all so real…she is who she is, that she is someone who has reached out in her community, to other women, to customers.

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