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Our design team wrote love letters to their favorite pieces...
Dearest Fiona,

I love the way you make me feel. You make my waist look like Scarlett O'Hara's and you're a dream to walk in. When I walk into the room I'm a 1930s film star and modern day heroine all rolled into one.

Love, Diane
Dear My Favorite Biker,

I fell in love when you took me to that Rock n Roll concert with my white t-shirt and ripped jeans. Today, I will show you my ladylike side with my floral dress and pearls. Whether Rock n Roll or ladylike, I know I can break the rules when I'm with you.

Love, Cindy
Dear Nadine,

Without you, there is only one.
One on a journey alone. With you, there are two. Two carrying each other when we can no longer carry ourselves. Two, side by side. Two, holding the other's life, their story, their secrets, and their future. Two,connected at the shoulder,walking hand in hand through this shared journey of a life.

Love, Andrew