The Attempt

Yesterday, my husband and I attempted to take a few blog pictures. It was looking like a beautiful morning, I was actually having a pretty good hair day and was excited about highlighting my new, fabulous grommet belt and open front pullover -- both from Worth NY. I was also excited about checking that grommet belt off my Fall “Must Have” Hit List. Things were good.

But THEN...the infamous New Mexico winds kicked in. And if you live in New Mexico, you know what that means...THERE GOES THE HAIR.

...but I knew what was about to happen. Soon this photo session would be over.

Now, I know, the “do” doesn’t seem so bad -- YET. But you’ll just have to take my word for it when I tell you that my hair was done. The Muppets called. Apparently Fraggle Rock is hiring. They just wanted me to know.

Even moving to another spot and pulling my now tragically wind-blown hair back with some sunnies - trouble was a brewin’. I could see lots stuff blowing around across the street, and I still can’t actually believe what happened with that lady’s skirt.

That was it. I was OUT.

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I know - You’re blown away!

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