March 16, 2015

The passionate love affair
Wilton, CT

What’s Stacy Holmén’s motto? “Girl power!” she laughs. “Women are so genuine, interesting and compassionate. There’s an honesty in how we work and raise families and volunteer and still have time for one another. By far my favorite [thing about Worth] is the wonderful women I've met while being a stylist.” Stacy first discovered Worth New York as a client. At the time, Stacy had been working in the Human Resources and Employee Benefit field, making use of the masters in social work that she earned at Columbia University. “I always loved the clothes, and I wanted the flexibility to spend more time with my family,” she explains. “So I moved from the corporate track to start my business with the help of Worth New York.” That was fourteen years ago. “I really didn't realize at the time what a perfect fit this would be!” Stacy says. “I feel honored that I get to work with women on a daily basis in the way that I do. I mean, you put two or more women in a room and it’s a party. I learn about their families, I learn about their jobs. What’s the greatest new restaurant? Who has the best new jewelry line? What’s happening with the new construction at the elementary school? We learn it all from one another.” Creating a fun, open environment is part of what makes Stacy such a great stylist. “Clients are not coming just to buy these amazing clothes,” she says. “They are coming for the total experience.” And getting styled by Stacy is truly an exceptional, highly personalized experience. Appointments take place in the charmingly converted Carriage House on her property that has become her showroom, and every Friday a tailor comes to fit clients on site. “Clients can come to the house to pick up their clothing and have it fit at the same time,” she explains. “Fridays are always fun and always busy.” Stacy even invented a special espresso drink so clients can get cozy in the winter, complete with its own name. “A client once asked ‘Oh can you make that Worthuccino?’ and I said ‘I love that word!’ Now we have our famous Worthuccino! The name just stuck.” In a way, Stacy’s accidental career is what she wanted out of a career in social work. “I was in corporate America for years, and now I use my social work skills every day. In a job that I love!” And these amazing relationships extend far beyond Stacy’s showroom. “Every other week I’m talking to Dave or Jay or Wendy,” Stacy says, referring to the CEO, Founder and President of Worth. “They are very accessible. They want to hear from us. I just love them. It’s really a passionate love affair between the design team, management and and [the Stylists]. We all love this brand so much.” Part of what Stacy loves about the brand is her ability to share it with her community. “I like to tie my work into organizations that I believe in,” she says. Take her favorite local charities, Family Childrens’ Agency (FCA) and Person to Person, for example. “Both organizations are beneficiaries of Every Woman Has Worth through donations of clothing.” Stacy also works with Wilton High School to introduce Worth to the next generation. “Every year I take a few interns. It’s so inspiring to be working with them.” The one thing Stacy would change about Worth? She wants all women to be able to experience this brand. “We should not be a secret,” she insists. “I don’t want us to be a secret.” “In a million years I never dreamed that Worth would become the fulfilling, enriching, career that it is,” she says. “We talk about the old boys network? No no no. There is nothing like a strong network of women.”