March 16, 2015

The perfect fit
Waco, TX

“Waco is small,” Worth New York Stylist Kay Bond says, smiling. “Things overlap.” And that’s what she and fellow Worth New York women Laura Mayfield and Lisa Chenot love most about where they live. All three cite great friends and community as the best things about Waco. They love Worth New York for the same reasons. “Worth brings out the best in women,” says Laura. “I love every aspect of this position, but the one I love most is working amongst women I love and admire.” When Laura started her Worth New York business, she had no idea the effect it would have on her life or the lives of women around her. “My life has taken a completely different path than I thought,” says Laura. “I grew up in the 1950’s and having a career was just not something that was put in front of me. But I wanted to do more than just get married and have children.” And more she did. Laura had a long and successful career working in real estate, banking and non-profit development before she launched her Worth business. “As time went on,” she explains, “I was working full-time. I had no flexibility and two children. So about eleven years ago I called a friend from college who worked with Worth and asked if I, too, could open an agency.” Laura has been with Worth ever since. About a year after she started her business, Laura switched gears within the company to become a Director of Business Development and mentor Stylists across east Texas. One of the first women she mentored was the woman who ended up taking the reins at the Waco agency, Lisa Chenot. “Worth was a natural fit for me,” says Lisa. “I’ve always loved clothes and people and I also appreciate the flexibility. I’m able to attend my children’s activities and volunteer in my community. It’s a career where you can really have it all.” Lisa ran the Waco business for four years. But, as much as she loved styling Worth, “I felt like she would also be great at mentoring and growing other Stylists,” says Laura. “So I talked to our President at that time and we developed a division for Lisa as Director of Business Development for the Waco and Fort Worth Area.” Laura was right, and Lisa accepted. “I love the job,” Lisa says. “I love having the opportunity to help make women successful.” Of course, this left the Waco agency in need of someone to run the business. “Lisa and I were driving to visit our daughters at the University of Arkansas,” Kay explains. “And she told me she was changing positions with Worth. I jumped on it immediately!” “We keep passing the agency down!” Lisa laughs. “But Kay has taken it to the next level.” “Kay does a beautiful job with her customers,” says Laura. “She has been extremely successful.” “I love my customers, the clothes and the style,” says Kay. She also loves the bond that has blossomed between her and her predecessors through Worth. “The three of us were friends before,” she says. “But Worth has enhanced our relationships.” “I’m probably way too hands on [with Stylists],” Lisa jokes. “I want them to know that they’re not in this alone. Any of us does so much better when there is someone there giving us confidence and supporting us. It’s very rewarding for me to work with a Stylist and watch her confidence grow. I can literally walk over to Kay’s. When Kay has a busy day, I’ll go over and help with the clients.” “They really support me,” Kay agrees. “Every morning when I wake up and look at my numbers I know they are supporting me. The support that we’ve given each other through business shows that we’ll be there for each other through anything.” “Everyone wants to grow,” says Laura. “I get to help make sure they do.” Now a Worth New York Regional Director, Laura builds strong teams across Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Louisiana. But nowhere quite compares to sipping wine by the lake with Lisa and Kay in Waco. “Waco is so easy being a smaller town,” she says. “There is a nice easy pace here, wonderful people and friends.” “There is one story I will never forget because it really touched me,” says Kay. “There was this one woman, a neighbor of mine. I didn’t know her well. After she came to several of my shows she was leaving one day and she stopped and turned around and she said to me ‘Kay, you have made such a difference in my life. I feel so confident about how I look now.’ It almost made me cry! Now, about half of my clients are hugging me when they leave their appointment. We’ve really formed great relationships.” “I believe strongly that the Worth opportunity is a perfect balance for many women,” says Lisa. “I absolutely love my job,” Laura agrees. “The women I have met with Worth have become very close friends. Not to mention I have the best wardrobe ever!”