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What We Can't Put Down... All The Light We Cannot See

"At dusk they pour from the sky."
>Author Anthony Doerr isn't new to the literary world, All The Light We Cannot See is his second novel and fifth published work. This latest novel is also his most publicized, even winning the Pulitzer Prize for fiction.

All The Light We Cannot See takes place in Europe and chronicles the unlikely link between a blind French girl and a German boy as they both try to survive World War II. By the end of the novel, the reader is enraptured by how these two characters come to know each other in such a personal way.

Survival and endurance are key themes here, but what is equally as important is the will to live a completely fulfilled life in the process. This isn't your typical novel with a linear plot line, it weaves through time and space leaving the read continually flipping the page.