Windows Into Worth

Where We Work: Stacy Holmén

Worth New York Stylist Stacy Holmén shares her workspace must-haves with us.

1. I never go anywhere without my phone – someone, usually a client is always texting me.

2. I’ve started using my I-pad more… it takes up a lot less space than my computer and I can still do all the same things.

3. LOVE this lip gloss! In the morning I put on my lipstick and apply this gloss… I reapply the gloss throughout the day and no need for more lipstick.

4. Fragrances are my weakness – I love perfumes and candles! I always carry multiple roller balls with me.

5. Just working on a thank you note to a client to put into her latest purchase.

6. Whenever I get something leather or suede, whether it's shoes or a jacket, I always make sure to waterproof it. You never know what can happen!